15 febrero 2009

Apoptygma Berzerk - Shine On

En el 2006 los noruegos de Apoptygma Berzerk lanzaron este cover del clásico de House Of Love, original de 1987 y relanzado en 1990.
*Recomiendo poner pausa en el MixPod de la izquierda.

Letra de Shine On

In a garden in the house of love, sitting lonely on a plastic chair
The sun is cruel when he hides away, I need a sister - I'll just stay
A little girl, a little guy - in a church or in a school
Little Jesus are you watching me, I'm so young - just eighteen

She, she, she, she Shine On
Shine On...

In a garden in a house of love, there's nothing real just a coat of arms
I'm not the pleasure that I used to be - so young - just eighteen

She, she, she, she Shine On
Shine On...

I don't know why I dream this way
The sky is purple and things are right every day
I don't know why, it's just this world's so far away
But I won't fight, and I won't hate
Well not today

She, she, she, she Shine On
Shine On...

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